A big journey for Australia

Friday, August 15, 2014

Los escenarios naturales de Australia son, quizás, su mayor atractivo turístico.
There are countries that seem designed to scroll through them from one end to another. Australia is one of them. Moreover, if you wander out an option to earn a living, this would be paradise. Not only for its scenery and unique wildlife on the planet. Also for the facilities offered to those who choose to ride his huge distances overland.

After a journey of nearly 9,000 kilometers along the eastern portion of this nation, the conclusion is that it pays to shop around for this country so far.

Australia, which is actually a continent, is nearly seven times larger than Colombia, but its population is only half. The reason? Much of the land is arid, with vast deserts, and only has a thin fertile strip on the east and southeast coast of the territory, and another in the southwest, near the city of Perth.

Except in major cities and their surroundings, in Australia the concept of "neighboring city" can apply to a few villages in 10, 100 or 1,000, each separated by 100 or 200 kilometers. The roads are well signposted, separate driveways are close to major cities and local roads common look impeccable.

In the nearly 9,000 miles of route did not show any gaps or lying (even uncovered pathways) police, and only four electronic tolls to get on and Sydney were paid, and reach Adelaide and Brisbane. They are charged to the cities chosen through tunnels and highways that prevent them from progressing through slower roads because of the traffic lights.

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