How long do you need to prepare your perfect vacation?

Friday, August 15, 2014

For many vacation time and far away, but for many others these desired vacation are still to come. One of the best allies the traveler when making your getaway Internet is having any destination just a handful of clicks away. So much so that as far as electronic commerce is concerned, tourism is the most turnover moves, with 635 million euros (19.3% of total e-commerce in Spain in 2013), the Commission national Markets and Competition (CNMC).

This means that consumers use the Internet not only as a source of information but also as a channel of purchasing tickets (49.5% of online shoppers), accommodation booking and / or complete travel packages (39% of who purchase online products), as demonstrated by data from the National Observatory for Telecommunications and Information Society (ONTSI). But how long it takes to choose an ideal destination?

You do not always have all the time you want to make your holiday or short break. Lack of time seems a constant in this world that will rush tonic, so the deals will not only provide long-term, it is possible to find a perfect destination at a price at the last minute. It is best to book holidays in advance, but when it is deaf to that of "do not leave everything to the last minute," you can get last minute deals with significant savings.

That's what the Internet allows, streamline the purchasing process and enjoy great deals without notice. More and more web portals that facilitate the task of finding where and how to enjoy the holidays. The last minutes help stabilize the tourism sector, as this prevents a sector that is marked by certain times more likely to travel.

In addition to the proliferation of such offers encourage people to travel even more frequently than they do now and not only that, but to do so to an international destination and not just national. Internet not only brings agility and discounts, has also managed to bring reliability to the users, which allows for a greater willingness to travel and online recruitment. In fact, according to the study on online travel purchases conducted by the Association of Internet in 2013, 63% of travel purchases are made online.
The importance of social networks

Whether a vacation planned in advance or a last minute looking user reviews from third parties to provide more security when picking a holiday or other destination. The way to get these views today is through social networks. These platforms are abuzz with verdicts about the service provided by a travel company or a hotel company for example. If a company has a good image and reputation in social networks will help the user in buying decision.

Therefore time is needed to prepare a long-awaited and well-deserved vacation can be very small, either nationally or overseas destination. The important thing is to buy the vacation package at a site to provide guarantees and reliability.

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