A very beachy delta

Friday, August 15, 2014

The delta of the Llobregat river and the Garraf mountain backdrop set the background that is typically Mediterranean south of Barcelona. The coastline with endless beaches, clean waters and, above all, a curious isolation of the capital-indeed very cercana- becomes the destination of many locals during the summer weekends. This little guide will help the visitor to escape the tourist saturation discover the Catalan capital and claims in the area. All less than an hour from the city and without using the car.

01 Garraf

Harry Potter Park in Orlando, premieres adventure

Universal Orlando Resort revealed details of 'Harry Potter and the escape from Gringotts', its new attraction in the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando (USA).

This recreates a key attraction of the Harry Potter moment, in which the main character, Ron and Hermione enter the bank Gringotts to retrieve a magical object that will help them defeat Lord Voldemort. To achieve a scenario as accurate as possible, Universal creatives worked with Stuart Craig and his team of production in the Harry Potter films.

Travelling places a Lifestyle

La Plaza España, en Sevilla, amaneció con balones por ser sede el Mundial de Baloncesto.
No town or city in the world, however small or large, who does not have a place that identifies. These places, which mark the history and development, hidden secrets, magic and color. Also, spaces are not lost to the tourist who arrives first.

The charm of Colombian Atlantic coast, sculptures by renowned artists and the stunning architecture of European cities invite travelers to begin an adventure through the heart of every urban and rural area: the squares.

A big journey for Australia

Los escenarios naturales de Australia son, quizás, su mayor atractivo turístico.
There are countries that seem designed to scroll through them from one end to another. Australia is one of them. Moreover, if you wander out an option to earn a living, this would be paradise. Not only for its scenery and unique wildlife on the planet. Also for the facilities offered to those who choose to ride his huge distances overland.

After a journey of nearly 9,000 kilometers along the eastern portion of this nation, the conclusion is that it pays to shop around for this country so far.

Palm Beach, the fashionable destination in Florida

We know. Perhaps the first thing that you will come to mind when you think of Florida (USA) is Miami and Orlando, and suddenly, Fort Lauderdale. However, without discrediting how much they have to offer these cities, there is a destination in the south of the state that are worth discovering: Palm Beach.

We visited West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Palm Beach and Boca Raton, cities that have the perfect mix of a comfortable temperature, large resorts, malls, beaches, museums and gardens to walk. It is also the ideal place to shop. It is a relatively young area, as it was in the early twentieth century when the oil magnate and Henry Morrison Flagler railways decided to extend the rail line between Jacksonville and Key West. Flagler also built in the city of Palm Beach hotel with 1,100 rooms, which by 1894 was considered the structure of the world's largest wooden.


Peru won 11 awards as the best tourist destination

Peru was chosen as the best culinary and cultural destination, in addition to other awards granted by the World Travel Awards 2014, at its twenty-first edition held in Quito (Ecuador), and was announced by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Magali Silva.

Additionally, Lima awards for best destination, best destination with legacy, best cultural destination in the region and better getaway destination was South America.

Nayarit, Mexican paradise to discover

En uno de los islotes de las islas Marietas, encerrada, está Playa Escondida o Playa del Amor.
Beautiful houses with terraces that are not only open to the clean sea breeze, also a mat of grass to an exclusive golf course whose border is a quiet beach on the Pacific. And in that magnificent ocean, whales, humpback whale families complete the picture and announce their presence by launching powerful jets of water into the sky.

Punta Mita is not the only corner of the Riviera Nayarit, a tourism corridor of 307 miles over the Mexican Pacific, which looks like a piece of paradise. The mountains, the natural wealth, hotel, people, clean beaches and picturesque villages fate conspire to make this the promised land of any traveler.



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