Did you go on vacation with your ex?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Algunas parejas terminan sus relaciones mientras están de viaje.
Many Germans, British, Spanish, French and Italian are going with their former partners rentals to keep the money they paid before completing their relationships, according to a survey by the Institute for OnePoll booking portal

In total, 23 percent of the 5,000 adults surveyed (1,000 in each of the aforementioned countries) confirm that they did. The most pragmatic are British (39 percent), followed by Italians (24 percent), Spain (21 percent), Germans (16 percent) and French (15 percent).

Some even prolong a relationship that know finished, just to not have to cancel your vacation already booked. In this case the British seem stronger: 38 percent report having experienced that situation, versus 25 percent of Italians, 19 percent of Spaniards, 14 percent of French and 13 percent of the Germans.

The French seem to prefer the option of starting with your partner and end at the destination you have traveled, according to this survey, the results have been weighted to be representative of the populations of the countries studied, as The performances are more women than men.

In total, 13 per cent of French admit that broke with his partner in the place they traveled on vacation, compared to 12 percent of Spaniards, 11 percent of Britons, 10 percent of Italians and only the percent of the Germans.

This forced cohabitation but does not allow to fix the relationship, it becomes "friends". 29 percent of French respondents say they spent a pleasant stay with their former and 14 per cent came to spend even one night together. But the height of impudence and hypocrisy, the study, which represents 14 per cent of French people said they went on vacation with his ex-partner even though they had a new love, patiently waiting for them at home

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