A very beachy delta

Friday, August 15, 2014

The delta of the Llobregat river and the Garraf mountain backdrop set the background that is typically Mediterranean south of Barcelona. The coastline with endless beaches, clean waters and, above all, a curious isolation of the capital-indeed very cercana- becomes the destination of many locals during the summer weekends. This little guide will help the visitor to escape the tourist saturation discover the Catalan capital and claims in the area. All less than an hour from the city and without using the car.

01 Garraf

Harry Potter Park in Orlando, premieres adventure

Universal Orlando Resort revealed details of 'Harry Potter and the escape from Gringotts', its new attraction in the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando (USA).

This recreates a key attraction of the Harry Potter moment, in which the main character, Ron and Hermione enter the bank Gringotts to retrieve a magical object that will help them defeat Lord Voldemort. To achieve a scenario as accurate as possible, Universal creatives worked with Stuart Craig and his team of production in the Harry Potter films.

Travelling places a Lifestyle

La Plaza España, en Sevilla, amaneció con balones por ser sede el Mundial de Baloncesto.
No town or city in the world, however small or large, who does not have a place that identifies. These places, which mark the history and development, hidden secrets, magic and color. Also, spaces are not lost to the tourist who arrives first.

The charm of Colombian Atlantic coast, sculptures by renowned artists and the stunning architecture of European cities invite travelers to begin an adventure through the heart of every urban and rural area: the squares.

A big journey for Australia

Los escenarios naturales de Australia son, quizás, su mayor atractivo turístico.
There are countries that seem designed to scroll through them from one end to another. Australia is one of them. Moreover, if you wander out an option to earn a living, this would be paradise. Not only for its scenery and unique wildlife on the planet. Also for the facilities offered to those who choose to ride his huge distances overland.

After a journey of nearly 9,000 kilometers along the eastern portion of this nation, the conclusion is that it pays to shop around for this country so far.

Palm Beach, the fashionable destination in Florida

We know. Perhaps the first thing that you will come to mind when you think of Florida (USA) is Miami and Orlando, and suddenly, Fort Lauderdale. However, without discrediting how much they have to offer these cities, there is a destination in the south of the state that are worth discovering: Palm Beach.

We visited West Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Palm Beach and Boca Raton, cities that have the perfect mix of a comfortable temperature, large resorts, malls, beaches, museums and gardens to walk. It is also the ideal place to shop. It is a relatively young area, as it was in the early twentieth century when the oil magnate and Henry Morrison Flagler railways decided to extend the rail line between Jacksonville and Key West. Flagler also built in the city of Palm Beach hotel with 1,100 rooms, which by 1894 was considered the structure of the world's largest wooden.


Peru won 11 awards as the best tourist destination

Peru was chosen as the best culinary and cultural destination, in addition to other awards granted by the World Travel Awards 2014, at its twenty-first edition held in Quito (Ecuador), and was announced by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Magali Silva.

Additionally, Lima awards for best destination, best destination with legacy, best cultural destination in the region and better getaway destination was South America.

Nayarit, Mexican paradise to discover

En uno de los islotes de las islas Marietas, encerrada, está Playa Escondida o Playa del Amor.
Beautiful houses with terraces that are not only open to the clean sea breeze, also a mat of grass to an exclusive golf course whose border is a quiet beach on the Pacific. And in that magnificent ocean, whales, humpback whale families complete the picture and announce their presence by launching powerful jets of water into the sky.

Punta Mita is not the only corner of the Riviera Nayarit, a tourism corridor of 307 miles over the Mexican Pacific, which looks like a piece of paradise. The mountains, the natural wealth, hotel, people, clean beaches and picturesque villages fate conspire to make this the promised land of any traveler.

Did you go on vacation with your ex?

Algunas parejas terminan sus relaciones mientras están de viaje.
Many Germans, British, Spanish, French and Italian are going with their former partners rentals to keep the money they paid before completing their relationships, according to a survey by the Institute for OnePoll booking portal

In total, 23 percent of the 5,000 adults surveyed (1,000 in each of the aforementioned countries) confirm that they did. The most pragmatic are British (39 percent), followed by Italians (24 percent), Spain (21 percent), Germans (16 percent) and French (15 percent).

From Cartagena to Punta Faro you reach the end of desire

We crossed the walls to visit Cartagena archipelago of San Bernardo, an hour and forty five minute boat ride from the port La Bodeguita, for the heavenly Punta Faro in Múcura Island.

On arrival at the pier, a carved wooden sign warns: "You have reached the end of desire takeaway." And by simple inertia we get carried away by this invitation. Disconnect from the world and enjoy a place that resembles the idea that we all have of paradise.
Punta Faro

Machu Picchu is elected as the most desired destination among travelers

Cientos de personas de diferentes rincones dle mundo visitan a diario Machu Picchu.
The Inca citadel of Machu Picchu in southeastern Peru, was elected by a website hosting as the travelers desired destination in the world, announced Saturday the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Magali Silva.

The page launched a contest called "My great adventure" to choose among its users a favorite destination for tourists and the sanctuary Inca won by more than a million votes.

Care for your pets on holiday

Prepare muy bien lo que su mascota pueda necesitar antes de irse de vacaciones.
The sun and water in the holidays can be great fun for your pets, but if you do not take care of these may also become a problem. To prevent heat stroke is necessary that your friend has "availability of shade and water to keep him hydrated," says Edgar Gutierrez veterinarian.

If your pet enjoys a dip in the pool or in the sea, should dry well with a towel immediately after leaving. Some breeds of dogs are prone to skin irritations, especially if it is wet.
Use sunscreen (recommended by a specialist) is important. But beware, this "should only apply in pets depigmented level truffle (nose)," says Henry Benavides, vet, who also recommended that this practice is "constant, especially in warm weather."

Yaigogé-Apaporis: an unexpected paradise in the Colombian jungle

First I dream Colombians Caño Cristales, then with the Randal of Jirijirimo after Cano Alto with Randal Mina and Cerros de Mavecure. And keep on dreaming because the beauties of this country are immeasurable.

The Randal of Jirijirimo, the main attraction of the National Park of Yaigogé-Apaporis-not the only one was chosen in the United States for a few pictures of me as the most beautiful scenery on the planet. What captivates Apaporis Cascade River is its totally wild environment, no hotels, no roads, no infrastructure of any kind. Wild is the closest thing to free, said the Plains Indians.
Niños cabiyaris en el río Apaporis.

Gorgona: an island steeped in history and natural wonders

From the air, Gorgona is shaped like a whale. Seeing it from a distance looks as blue as the sea itself that custody. At other times the thick forest green colors of the Colombian Pacific island surrounded by endless deserted beaches where it's easy to tune out the world and surrender to the will of nature.

To reach Gorgona must travel from Cali to Guapi, in the department of Cauca, and then take a boat up the beach of El Poblado, in the western part, after just over an hour and a half trip between waves and pelicans.

A walk through the magical state of Guanajuato

El estado está lleno de joyas arquitectónicas e históricas, como la Parroquia de Dolores Hidalgo.
To discover this state, a good idea is to start with the city of San Miguel Allende, which is 265 kilometers from Mexico City (four hours by road) and was declared by UNESCO in 2008, Cultural Heritage humanity.

Here, beauty is in the street, in the gothic and baroque architecture, which becomes a testimony of stone and brick over the centuries. The houses, buildings and churches (such as San Miguel Archangel Parish) are perfectly preserved and provide the ability to view the splendor of the past in a city that has been foisted (justly) the title of being the most beautiful of Mexico.

Peru and six tourist destinations most visited by tourists

In Lima emblematic visitors can sample dishes from all regions.
In Lima emblematic visitors can sample dishes from all regions.

Our country is "large", of many races, and above all is a nation with an exquisite natural, cultural and historical heritage. It is for these reasons that every year, Peru welcomes more visitors. Here we present the six best tourist destinations in the country, according to Go2Peru portal.

Machu Picchu and Cusco Peru

The Imperial City is the largest tourist attraction in Peru and the most visited. Cusco was one of the most important cities of Tahuantisuyo which was taken by the Spaniards. Today shows an architecture that fuses the Inka with the Spanish style. Perhaps a must place to visit is the enigmatic citadel of Machu Picchu. Both Cusco, Machu Picchu and have been considered as a World Heritage Site for its historical value and its beauty.

A walk through the stone cities of Czech Republic

El Paraíso de Bohemia (Ceský ráj), es un geoparque declarado y protegido por la Unesco.

The Adrspassko-Teplice Rocks, Czech Republic, are the largest and wildest rock city of Central Europe, which attracts tourists from the eighteenth century.

The names of many rocks date from this time: Helm Knight, Lovers or Square Elephants.
However, the nature of this destination other hidden gems, including the Great Waterfall falling from a height of 16 meters, or between rocks small lake where you can walk around in canoes or rafts.

Honda: history walks

La 'ciudad de los puentes' enmarca sus calles con fachadas de las que se desprenden flores.
The subienda attracts every year in the months of February and March, visitors and fishermen from other regions, making Honda a happy and cheerful place, as the journey of the Magdalena River makes a special stop there.

600 miles from his birth, the slope of its bed marks a turning point for boats going up and down. Rapid or jumps have always given their spirit of fishing village, for this natural feature makes trapping fish counter and fishing easier and more powerful for the whole year.

Curacao: rest and adventure

Upon hearing the word come to mind Curacao beaches with crystal clear water, blue sky and colorful cocktails home tile. And yes, this is. But on this trip to the former Dutch colony discovered other facets: unspoiled nature, history and a sea that sometimes looks blue and in others, turquoise.

Curacao is nestled in the Caribbean, 50 miles from the Venezuelan coast. It is so easy to cross it only two hours are needed to pass, by car, from one end to another, but the ideal is to enter calmly in its 64 km long and its 444 square kilometers of area.

Riga: the Sleeping Beauty of Europe that captivates travelers

Hailing from Moscow fantastic summer, we thought it would be difficult to achieve something in this tour dazzle northeastern Europe. But the Baltic States greeted steeped in history, character and charm: Latvia, located in the middle of "Baltic sandwich"; Lithuania, Western bread and Estonia, eastern bread. Due to the short distance between their capitals, the best way to move between them is by land.

Disney reinvents itself on land and sea

No matter if there are 7 or 30 years. Again and again, every day proves that Disney magic and charm of cartoons and games are ageless. Whether in its parks in Orlando or in ships at sea, and grumpy fans end up helplessly into the arms of Mickey Mouse.

And back then this brand creative and do not rest every year are given the task of inventing new excuses for travelers wanting to return to any of the parks distributed in nearly 17,000 acres of Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida) .

Ten natural wonders to explore in the Caribbean

Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Bahamas and Cuba are some Caribbean countries that receive more than 25 million tourists each year, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and also feature fascinating areas to enjoy a break connected with the environment.

In this territory surrounded by pristine beaches and forests prodigious tourists have a wide range to choose from: hiking in national parks, extreme sports, bamboo raft rides and swimming in rivers and waterfalls, among others. These are the 10 ecological tourist destinations you can not miss on your trip to the Caribbean.

Cartagena, the top 50 destinations as 'Huffington Post'

Cartagena, the walled city of Colombia, was ranked # 36 among the "50 Best destinations on the planet" and 45 among the "top 50 cities to be essential visit before you die" in two classifications published by The Huffington Post '.

The Stone Corral is described by the American newspaper as a city recognized by UNESCO and a place that "holds a lot of history inside, full of legends of explorers, pirates and royalty."

In the first rank, who heads Venice (Italy), cities like London and Rio de Janeiro appear; Cartagena was above Mexico City, Singapore, Sydney (Australia), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Las Vegas (USA).

San Andrés, Bogotá and Medellín received awards 'Oscars' of tourism

Three Colombian cities were honored at the World Travel Awards, regarded in the industry as the 'Oscars' of tourism.

During the event, held this weekend in Quito (Ecuador), Bogotá was awarded as the best business destination, San Andrés and best beach destination, and Medellin as the best destination for meetings and conferences.

How long do you need to prepare your perfect vacation?

For many vacation time and far away, but for many others these desired vacation are still to come. One of the best allies the traveler when making your getaway Internet is having any destination just a handful of clicks away. So much so that as far as electronic commerce is concerned, tourism is the most turnover moves, with 635 million euros (19.3% of total e-commerce in Spain in 2013), the Commission national Markets and Competition (CNMC).

Top 10 destinations in Peru

Below, in alphabetical order, a brief description of the 10 most visited tourist destinations in Peru

Arequipa and Colca Valley

The city of Arequipa is also known as the "White City." Its historic center has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by the architecture of the beautiful colonial buildings in white ashlar highlighting their houses, churches, temples and monasteries as Santa Catalina. It is surrounded by beautiful countryside with villages with beautiful scenery. From here you can visit the famous Colca Valley and Colca Canyon, natural protected areas such as National Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca and the National Sanctuary of Mejía Lagoons. In the mountains, snowy peaks, rivers and plains are excellent venues to adventure sports. It is ideal for colonial monuments, living cultures and make enjoying outdoor tourism adventure destination nature and biodiversity. Arequipa enjoys one of the best cuisines of Peru.



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