From Cartagena to Punta Faro you reach the end of desire

Friday, August 15, 2014

We crossed the walls to visit Cartagena archipelago of San Bernardo, an hour and forty five minute boat ride from the port La Bodeguita, for the heavenly Punta Faro in Múcura Island.

On arrival at the pier, a carved wooden sign warns: "You have reached the end of desire takeaway." And by simple inertia we get carried away by this invitation. Disconnect from the world and enjoy a place that resembles the idea that we all have of paradise.
Punta Faro

Personally, when I travel and destination is nothing better to forget about the city everyday and start an adventure paradise preferably on national-territory. That we went to Punta Faro, a hotel that is not just a hotel: it's a destination.

Múcura is an archipelago of San Bernardo and the Natural Park Corales del Rosario, which also includes Tintipán, Flag, Los Gavilanes and Isla Palma. Punta Faro, as has been said it is within Múcura- Island is highlighted by the blue color of its waters, so clear you can see fish and corals in all its color and splendor; a merciful place for its unique vegetation and allowing for rest and guarantees.

Thirty acres of Múcura Island, ten are ground Punta Faro. The color and texture of the grass, palms and trees have the stamp of care and responsibility to the environment running the place. The kiosks have rest chairs made with bamboo and wood; their woven sisal and crabs prowling the area hammocks are some of the characteristics that describe the place. Not to mention their own desalination plant water use and use of solar energy.

Since you get to Punta Faro you feel family. The 'host' hotel meets all guests to welcome them, with coco water and place rules and instructions; there is no key for the rooms, thanks to invite you to forget the common concerns of the city. They invite you to live in trust, with no room for distrust pun intended; why do not you walk with money in their pockets, because the tip and the account is left to the end of the stay.It's a perfect world!

The only priority is to connect with the sacred that God Himself has ordained for us: the sea of all possible shades of blue, palm trees, sand, grass, mangroves. But there wifi service if anyone ever need and with domestic and foreign television channels.
Punta Faro 2

Eden multifaceted

This oasis in the Caribbean invites to know completely. Non-mechanized activities such as kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling or snorkeling, diving, ride mountain biking, nature walks, catamaran ride and disposition of tennis on clay for winter sports lovers are some of the pastimes of the place; all accompanied by a guide. Of course for those seeking a complete rest, massage and beauty center located waterfront provides a restorative experience.

The hotel is not considered five but a personal capacity, also has about 10 diamonds in care (personalized), food, cleanliness, facilities and, why not say, creativity. It's a luxury to be on the tip of the archipelago. And luxury understood as the natural environment, but not by the size and decor. Everything is friendly ecosystem, including bedrooms.

It is blunt: who choose this destination-hotel is because it is determined to get away from civilization to commune with nature. No noise or music, except at dinner. If you want to rumba and social life, this is not the place. Here is comes to rest.
Punta Faro 3
Only the outbreak of a wave that moves placid sea and birdsong are heard. Not to mention the food, specializing in fresh fish and seafood in the region. A delight for the palate. Worth mentioning that on this site there is numbers of tourists and vendors, ensuring exclusivity. The warmth of the staff are the things that captivate visitors, mostly foreigners. The -natives employees neighbours- islands will make you feel at home.

It's time to leave, with nostalgia, with quiet soul and rested body. One goes from Punta Faro with a promise to return.
Punta Faro 4
For the children of the archipelago

Near Múscura Island is one of the most densely populated places on earth: Santa Cruz Islet. The population is dense-about 1,000 residents, about half are children-founded over 300 years ago. Most have basic education and some have left the place to venture to study in cities like Cartagena and Tolu. Many others are employees of Punta Faro or their living taking tourists on neighboring islands.

There, many of the small island want to become professional footballers; playing this sport is your favorite pastime. Moreover, they formed the "Independent Deportivo El Islet", directed by Gustavo Ramiro de Hoyos and thistles, community leaders.

Young athletes are able to train in a suitable space with soccer in Punta Faro-the same hotel transports a boat between the islands,. The islet is very limited space for them to play at home.

However, the aid is not enough and seek resources from land, private sector perhaps Sponsor and provide them resources for their children. They already have the uniform, but in-kind donations are needed as footballs, tennis, whistles, cones and other elements.

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