Care for your pets on holiday

Friday, August 15, 2014

Prepare muy bien lo que su mascota pueda necesitar antes de irse de vacaciones.
The sun and water in the holidays can be great fun for your pets, but if you do not take care of these may also become a problem. To prevent heat stroke is necessary that your friend has "availability of shade and water to keep him hydrated," says Edgar Gutierrez veterinarian.

If your pet enjoys a dip in the pool or in the sea, should dry well with a towel immediately after leaving. Some breeds of dogs are prone to skin irritations, especially if it is wet.
Use sunscreen (recommended by a specialist) is important. But beware, this "should only apply in pets depigmented level truffle (nose)," says Henry Benavides, vet, who also recommended that this practice is "constant, especially in warm weather."

It is desirable that during the trip bathe your pet with shampoos insecticides to prevent the spread of fleas or ticks.

Before you leave

Prepare all the things your pet might need. Ideally, wear a necklace with your name to prevent loss and, if possible, bring a toy or bed where you sleep, because the smell will make you feel at home. Take her to check with the vet. Depending on the size, breed and weight, each has its own particular needs.

If you fly

According to the size and weight of the animal, the airlines have special services for them. Before traveling, make sure you have the certificates in rule (vaccination and health, depending on the laws of each country or region).
Animals can travel as hand luggage or cargo. If you take your pet with you, it is important to always be in the crate and, if needed, to use muzzle pending flight.
Your pet may be afraid if you are not used to the plane, and "to avoid anxiety is good or provide a calming sedative, always made ​​for the veterinarian," advises Gutierrez.

If traveling by car

If the animal is used to traveling by car is not necessary to medicate, but is restless and dizzy easily, should "administrársele Mareol half hour before the trip," recommends Benavides.
If travel is more than four hours, it is necessary to make stops and hydration needs of your pet. A good idea is to take them for anxious animals in a fresh and comfortable crate, which can change position, and the use of seat belts to prevent accidents.
Do not leave your dog or cat alone in the vehicle, it could become dehydrated by heat shock when the temperature is very high.

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