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Friday, August 15, 2014

La 'ciudad de los puentes' enmarca sus calles con fachadas de las que se desprenden flores.
The subienda attracts every year in the months of February and March, visitors and fishermen from other regions, making Honda a happy and cheerful place, as the journey of the Magdalena River makes a special stop there.

600 miles from his birth, the slope of its bed marks a turning point for boats going up and down. Rapid or jumps have always given their spirit of fishing village, for this natural feature makes trapping fish counter and fishing easier and more powerful for the whole year.

On bridges and houses near the river the golden maidens, and catfish nicuros seen drying in the sun or prepared in yoke. Then, in the marketplace, are exposed in sensitive rafts and later offered in restaurants as Baquero, noted for its season.

Great was the joy of the conquerors to find a prosperous land and a river that gave everything and despite fires, earthquakes and floods, continues to give reason to be proud of its vitality.

In the afternoons, when the sun has gone down and silva breeze through the trees that line the banks, it's beautiful view profiles of cast nets fishing encouraging.

Impetuous by sections, quiet and romantic in others, Magdalena leaves to catch themselves and travelers and loves knitting season.

Good luck when you can get one of these patios planted with vanilla, mango and lavished shadows. Devia family fortune when you open your heart and the courtyard where rumors of birds and mythical river Gualí lead you through the maze of past memories slip.

Lately reform houses were lovingly converted into playgrounds, have returned to the city's lost glory.

Nothing better to appropriate the views from the river from one of the many bridges that color tours of the town or lunch at the market where bocachicos, nicuros and catfish can taste accompanied by the joy of a people who know enjoy the ardor in every corner of the square.

For more contemplative souls there is always the possibility to rent a boat and go with some business stories that begins the journey by saying, "My father told me that ...".

From the narrow streets, the population was over when Bolívar feverish and tired and sick to die on his way Santa Marta and there, a century later, General Ramón Marín took three times the city during the War of a Thousand Days.

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