Disney reinvents itself on land and sea

Friday, August 15, 2014

No matter if there are 7 or 30 years. Again and again, every day proves that Disney magic and charm of cartoons and games are ageless. Whether in its parks in Orlando or in ships at sea, and grumpy fans end up helplessly into the arms of Mickey Mouse.

And back then this brand creative and do not rest every year are given the task of inventing new excuses for travelers wanting to return to any of the parks distributed in nearly 17,000 acres of Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida) .

Less than a month ago, for example, Magic Kingdom, the first park built in Orlando, which already has 41, premiered on 'Mine Train the Seven Dwarfs' (Seven Dwarfs Mine Train), the last stage of the renovation new Fantasy Land.

"Our team created what we were expecting said Meg Crofton, president of Disney-parks and hotels. The train entered the sharp turns and respect the charm of the film. "

Definitely a thrill ride that gives a refreshing seal to park arriving more than 18.5 million visitors each year.

 Wagons emotions

The 'Train the Seven Dwarfs Mine' is a roller coaster for the whole family, full of curves and speed in which a journey through the bowels of the mine is done. Before entering the house where White was welcomed by his protectors Dwarfs looks. Hopefully, it will appear at full size; Few resist the temptation to take a picture by the first princess of the kingdom.

Even queuing is fun: the end of a corridor several touch screens to play, a drop of colored water that is activated by passing hand and some barrels full of colorful gems that, when pushed, cartoons projected on the ceiling appear .

Once on board the train start speed, curves, skyrocketing and unexpected declines, led by the dwarves, each in his own: Wise weighs jewels, Sleepy rests on a chest of precious stones with a skunk over Grumpy prepared a prank to wake Sleepy and Happy playing with diamonds. Also accompanying Shy, Sneezy and Dopey.

Reborn in the sea

In 1998 he sailed for the first time the Disney Magic, the first cruise line to sail the sea. Now remodeled its 10 floors, instead of a ship resembling a citadel where you can go shopping, go to a movie or watching a play Broadway type, where anything can happen: villains like Hades, Cruella and Ursula are taken stage, Cinderella revive their love story and Peter Pan flies everywhere.

This ship can accommodate 2,700 passengers (almost 900 are children), dining is an experience, because they change the menu every night and the restaurant can be in a scene from Beauty and the Beast, Lumiere's; in a recreation of Rio de Janeiro, Cariocas, or in a restaurant shaped palette in black and white that gradually fills with colors in Animators Palate. Surprise: Mickey, his friends or any of the princesses appear in the middle of the night to accompany the explosion of flavors.

 Not to leave out the rooms. According to the captain of the boat, Tom Forberg, are wider between cruises: have separate shower and toilet, raised beds to leave the room, TV, air conditioning, cupboards and drawers, and even rooms that feature a balcony, folding cabin and living.

There is also accommodation for people in wheelchairs or with disabilities. The difficult part of this experience is back to reality. Get off the boat, out of the park and not be around Bella, Grumpy or Minnie.

It's definitely an experience to share, to see the faces of our children, nephews, parents and couples the expression of surprise and delight when you carry this adventure begins. See how suddenly all become part of a fun and bold fairy tale.

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