Riga: the Sleeping Beauty of Europe that captivates travelers

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hailing from Moscow fantastic summer, we thought it would be difficult to achieve something in this tour dazzle northeastern Europe. But the Baltic States greeted steeped in history, character and charm: Latvia, located in the middle of "Baltic sandwich"; Lithuania, Western bread and Estonia, eastern bread. Due to the short distance between their capitals, the best way to move between them is by land.

Each nation has its own language, of diverse origin not in any way resemble each other. Due to a plagued by invasions by neighboring powers history, have a common denominator: the knowledge of Russian and German for a significant portion of its inhabitants. And now, with the rise of tourism, many speak English and some guides, Spanish and French.

Riga is the capital of Latvia, a small country with an area that fails to double the size of Cundinamarca. However, nature has been generous with that piece of land a quarter of which is a nature reserve. It has five national parks crossed by hiking trails and is a paradise for bird watching being forced migration path of millions of waterfowl that nest in the Arctic.

The city runs on either side of the Daugava River and its estuary overlooking the Baltic Sea. This waterway has been a trade route since antiquity, when the Vikings were there to Byzantium. The texts of those times tell how mercadeaban since corn, furs, amber and linen.

Called "The Sleeping Beauty of Europe" for their own hidden Europeans by centuries of occupations, wars and terror beauty; also called the "Paris of the North", between conflict and conflict, abuse and oppression, has managed to establish itself as a metropolis, the "second city that never sleeps", after New York.


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